Brian Joros: More For the “W” Column

Brian Joros is a baseball coach known for building winning teams wherever he goes. He has established a 215-121 win-loss record, and expects to add many more to the “W” column in the years ahead.

Brian Joros took over the West Boca Raton High School baseball program in 2005. He had already established himself as a winning coach after leading the teams at Disney World School Celebration for three years, and at Boynton Beach for another three.

Brian Joros

Brian Joros

“I expect us to be a state recognized contender every year,” Brian Joros said, when he first took the helm at West Boca. “I think anyone who is in our school district will want to play for us. We travel all the time and we will put kids in college.”

After building the West Boca team into a winning one, Brian Joros took over the baseball program at Royal Palm Beach, and turned that team around. But that success for the Wildcats did not come overnight. “It was a rough year,” he said after the first season at Royal Palm Beach. “We had to change the culture.”

Change the culture he did, and the next season turned out to be the Wildcats’ best in more than a decade. Brian Joros gave most of the credit to the players. “In my 14 years coaching, this is the most coachable group of kids I’ve ever had,” he said, midway through the season. “They buy in to what we’re trying to teach.”

The Wildcats went on to win a district title that year. Brian Joros has built up a career coaching record of 215 wins and 121 losses.


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