Brian Joros: A Legendary Coach

Brian Joros has reached near-legendary status as a high school baseball coach in Florida. He has led most of his teams to winning records, and took the Royal Palm Beach Wildcats to a district championship and the regional playoff tournament. Brian Joros has also been named the Palm Beach County Coach of the Year on three occasions, and the Palm Beach County South Conference Coach of the Year twice.

Brian Joros

Brian Joros

One of his competitors was asked what coach he would pick if he were put in the position of having to win one game. “I would take Brian Joros,” the coach replied, “who was the head coach at West Boca [high school] when he was in my district. He’s a pretty good friend of mine. He was always prepared, he did his homework, he always scouted the teams that he was playing, and he’s a good pitching guy.”

The competing coach said that Brian Joros was one of his toughest coaching opponents. “He was always scary to coach against,” he said. Brian Joros was always watching his opponent closely and figuring out his strategies. “There were always eight or nine guys staring at every pitch call, every call at third base, dugout, third base box, they’re writing everything down, so I always had to change my signs and be aware that they were always on me.”

During his career as a high school baseball coach, Brian Joros has, to date, established a 215-121 win-loss record. He is confident that there will be many more wins in the future. He is a member of the Florida Coaches Association, and of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.


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