Brian Joros: TSG Sportswear

Brian Joros is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable high school baseball coach. He coached the West Boca Raton High School baseball team in West Boca Raton from 2005 to 2009 achieving a record of 93 wins to 36 losses. He has an overall career win-loss record of 215 to 121 and expects to keep the win column growing in future coaching years to come. Before taking over at the West Boca Raton High School in 2005, he had already established himself as a winning high school baseball coach after leading teams to the Disney World School Celebration for three years and at Boynton Beach for an additional three years. His success as a coach is due to his experience and knowledge within the sport of baseball.

Brian Joros

Brian Joros

In addition to his success in the coaching profession of high school baseball, Brian Joros is also a successful business owner and operator. He co owned his own sportswear company called TSG Sportswear with Chris Pleicones specializing in baseball materials. His knowledge and experience coaching and playing sports has made him an expert in the gear great athletes wear on the field. In August of 2012, they sold TSG Sportswear to Global Industries for an undisclosed amount.

Brian Joros is a baseball expert and enthusiast. While in pursuit of his education, he played division baseball at Purdue University. Before obtaining a Master’s degree in education, he briefly played professional baseball with a team in the minor league. He received his Bachelor of Arts at Purdue University in 1998 and his Associates degree in business at Olney Central Junior College.


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