Brian Joros: An Eye for Baseball Talent

Having stayed in the baseball arena for some time, Brian Joros has a peculiar way of identifying a baseball talent. His many years as a coach in Florida has seen him win several accolades including securing a first-ever district championship title with the Royal Palm Beach Wildcats. Furthermore, for three times, Brian has won the Palm Beach County Coach of the Year; also a two-time winner of the Palm Beach County South Conference Coach of the Year.

Chase Greene was one of the players whose performance and tremendous speed caught the coach’s attention. Comparing Greene with Lakewood’s Lastings Milledge, Brian stated that He was “one of the fastest players I’ve ever seen at any level.” By comparing Greene with Milledge, Joros was, in essence, proving the former to be highly talented since the latter’s record is incredible. Lastings Milledge was named Major League Baseball player while playing for several teams including New York Mets and Washington Nationals.

According to Brian, Greene’s potential is evidenced by the level of dedication the player exhibits. Additionally, Chase demonstrates tremendous levels of focus coupled with a strong desire for improvement. It is as if the kid will not relent until his goal is achieved. As a result, Brian asserts that Chase is already a professional whose future aspirations are evident to everybody. Brian continues to state that while different kids have their career preferences such as doctors and accountants, Chase’s is to play a major role in the baseball league. This commitment is underlined by the player’s go-get –it attitude. The hard-work, dedication and, most importantly, the teachable spirit in Greene is simply amazing. Surprisingly, this inference by Brian Joros was confirmed when Chase Greene was included in the New York Mets team in the seventh round of the 2009 Major League Baseball draft.


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