Brian Joros: Traits a Baseball Coach Should Have and Teach

Being a coach of a baseball team is not an easy job. A lot of thoughts, time, and effort needs to be put in behind the scenes. Not every person is made to become a baseball coach. However, when I person is fixated on becoming a coach on any level, they should have the qualities of sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, and a positive attitude.


Some days it feels like manners and common courtesy have left the world today. A coach should take the time in practice to reinstate those basic principles. The players should learn to be courteous to their teammates and their opponents. A coach needs to be able to make eye contact with officials and opposing coaches to create conversation, even when things are not going their way.


“We over me” and “There is no I in team” are two sayings that coaches often say when they are trying to bring a team together. A coach must know the value of the team and be able to rally their players together in order to be more effective. Win or lose, the team does it together, and a coach must be able to teach his team to be selfless and supportive of one another.

Positive Attitude

Everyone knows that life is unfair. Baseball is not fair either. Plays will not go the way they should sometimes. In the moments of the greatest struggle, referees should not be leaned on to make the right call. Coaches need to be able to teach their players to understand how to overcome adversity and push themselves to perform at a higher level.

A coach for plenty of years, Brian Joros has been very successful as a high school baseball coach for years. Coach of the West Boca Raton High School team from ’05 to ’09, Joros achieved a record of 93 wins and 36 losses with a regional championship in 2007.


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