Brian Joros: Tips to Becoming A Great Coach

Every coach has their won coaching style that fits how they envision winning games. There are plenty of coaches who can argue on what the best way to coach a team is, but when it comes down to it, everyone needs to remember that it is a game. The following are some tips on how to be an effective coach.


Every coach thinks that they can find a way to win when they create a new philosophy and engrain it into the minds of their players. However, what coaches need to remember is that their players are not playing because they want to become the greatest ever, they are playing because they enjoy the sport and want to continue to have fun. Whatever the philosophy of the coach is, they should ensure that their players are having fun and enjoying the game.


Communication is key to coaching. Having team meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page is a perfect way to start the season. A coach should be able to communicate their wants and needs of the team in order for all of the players to be able to know what their part is. A coach should also teach their players how to communicate together during the game. This will help the team to be more effective during gameplay.

Find Resources

A great coach is not one that knows everything. A great coach is one that will admit what they do not know and find a way to learn something new. A coach also surrounds themselves with other assistant coaches who know something of specific areas that they do not know. There is no reason to have five coaches that all know the offense well and no one who can coach defense. A coach needs to be able to find resources and use them wisely.

Brian Joros is a great baseball coach. He led his high school baseball team to a regional championship in 2007. He looks forward to having more success with baseball teams in the future.


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