Brian Joros – Embracing the Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays had a good start to their season this year with a warm welcome from their fans. Below is an excerpt from a press release on the Tampa Bay Rays website regarding their opening weekend:

“The Tampa Bay Rays 2015 season opener on Monday, April 6 at Tropicana Field against the Baltimore Orioles is sold out, marking the 10th consecutive season for which the Rays have sold out the home opener.

Tickets are available for the two remaining games in the season-opening series vs. the Orioles on Tuesday and Wednesday. Both games start at 7:10 p.m.

Following the Orioles series, the Rays will embark on a seven-date road trip to Miami and Toronto before returning home to play the New York Yankees for a three-game weekend series, April 17-19.”

Brian Joros

Brian Joros is excited to see Major League Baseball get under way this April. The regular season lasts throughout the summertime and up until October, giving him lots of chances to go see one of his two home-state teams to choose from. Joros is a longtime baseball coach who has also contributed to the building of athletic facilities as well as the providing of essential resources to young athletes.


Brian Joros – Team Work

Brian Joros believes a team wins together every time. In an article posted by the Sun Sentinel about his turnaround year with the Wildcats, Brian Joros give credit to more than just his star player:

Brian Joros

“Joros also credits the leadership of seniors such as first baseman Chris Barr, the Wildcats’ leadoff hitter who has a .400 batting average and 21 stolen bases. Senior second baseman Connor Brennan also has made tremendous strides, particularly defensively after being what Joros described as a defensive liability last season.

“In my 14 years coaching, this is the most coachable group of kids I’ve ever had,” Joros said. “They buy in to what we’re trying to teach.”

Strong pitching and solid defense have been staples of Joros teams, and this year’s Royal Palm Beach squad is no different.

“We have pitchers who can throw strikes, hold runners and field their position,” Joros said. “I’ve had more talented staffs, but none more coachable. The defense has been great. We’re small ball to a ‘T’. I like our future a lot.””

Brian Joros is a successful baseball coach who is now the Founder and Director of the National Grand Slam Baseball Tournament. He has inspired many athletes as well as helped pride them with the resources to succeed.

Brian Joros – How to Be a Successful Coach

Brian Joros is a skilled baseball coach with more than a decade of experience in helping young athletes develop their skills and use them to win games. There are many ways in which a coach can do this, but there are only a few that will lead the players to success in the same manner as Joro’s. Below are some of his key points as to being a successful coach:

Brian Joros

Brian Joros

Teach Teamwork

Implementing and harboring a strong chemistry between each and every player on the team will help create bonds that will make the team stronger as a unit. Teambuilding exercises and other such drills are necessary to helping build a sense of teamwork.

Be a Good Motivator

Motivating your team goes far beyond using a few choice words, says Brian Joros. The emphasis should be on getting each and every member of your team to want victory just as badly as the person next to them. A communal sense of motivation will also help the team grow together without leaving any of their essential members behind.

Lastly, you should always find the strengths and weaknesses of each player, so that you can put them in the right position and also help isolate their biggest issues.

Brian Joros: Successful Business Career

Brian Joros made a name for himself in the Palm Beach community as one of the best high school baseball coaches around. During his career as the West Boca Raton High School baseball coach from 2005 to 2009, he won 93 of his 129 games and captured the Regional Championship in 2007. His overall record of 215 – 121 actually belies how successful he has been in constructing and preparing teams for success. He has long years of experience both in the dugout and on the field. He played for Purdue University while studying for his Bachelor’s degree, which he earned in 1998, the same year he was named an All- Big ten Academic athlete as a senior.

Brian Joros is also known as a successful businessman. He created TSG Sportswear with Chris Pleicones and helped run the operation until they sold the company to Global Industries in August, 2012. The company specialized in baseball gear and other materials. His knowledge and experience as a coach and a player made him an excellent resource for the gear that baseball players need to succeed.

Brian Joros has been a baseball expert for most of his life. He relishes the chance to work with young baseball players and help them develop into the best they can be. He knows that players develop the best not only on their own, but also within the context of a competitive team, which is why he drives his high school baseball teams so hard to succeed and win at every level.

Brian Joros: Founder of the National Grand Slam Baseball Tournament

Brian Joros is a respected high school baseball coach in West Palm Beach, Florida. He built his reputation as a winning coach with an eye for talent and an unparalleled dedication to the study of the game. During his illustrious, five season career with West Boca Raton High School from 2005 to 2009, his teams won 93 games and lost only 36. He captured the Regional Championship in 2007 and went on to coach the Royal Palm Beach baseball team, turning it from a struggling team that hadn’t played playoff baseball in a decade into District Champions in 2012. In fact, that year, Royal Palm Beach lost to Joros’ former team in the Regional Championships, West Boca Raton, which had used the culture and the recruiting connections that Joros set up years earlier.

After his time as the successful coach of the Royal Palm Beach Wildcats, Joros founded the National Grand Slam Baseball Tournament, a showcase of some of the best amateur baseball talent in the country. Joros manages the recruitment of 14 high school teams from around the country to play in the tournament, handles the organizations relationships to other nonprofit organizations in the community, and directs a sixteen member board of directors. He is also responsible for recruiting outside vendors and sponsors.

Brian Joros draws from his experience playing baseball for Purdue University, earning All Big Ten distinction in 1998. He played for a time as a professional in the minor leagues as well before earning his Master’s Degree in Education in 2011.

Brian Joros: Baseball Expert

Brian Joros is an extremely talented high school baseball coach currently living and working in West Palm Beach, Florida. He was the high school baseball coach for West Boca Raton High School in West Boca Raton from 2005 to 2009 where he was able to achieve a record of 93 wins to 36 losses. In 2007, he led the team to the team to the Regional Championships and won. His overall win-loss record is 215 to 121, and he plans to keep his winning recording increasing as he continues to coach in the high school baseball realm. He has lead teams to the Disney World School Celebration and Boynton Beach with success. In addition to his impressive coaching records, he sold his own sportswear company called TSG Sportswear to Global Industries in August of 2012 for an undisclosed amount.

Brian Joros

Brian Joros

Brian Joros’ success as a high school baseball coach stems from his extensive career as a player in the sport. During the pursuit of his higher education, he played collegiate at the collegiate level of baseball for Purdue University before graduating in 1998; he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He also graduated with an Associates degree from Olney Central Junior College. He briefly played baseball as a professional in the minor leaguer before achieving his Master’s degree in 2011 in education.

In addition to his successful coaching and playing career, Brian Joros also owned and operated TSG Sportswear before selling it to Global Industries in August of 2012. His experience in the world of sports has given him an insight into the best gear for athletes on the field.

Brian Joros: TSG Sportswear

Brian Joros is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable high school baseball coach. He coached the West Boca Raton High School baseball team in West Boca Raton from 2005 to 2009 achieving a record of 93 wins to 36 losses. He has an overall career win-loss record of 215 to 121 and expects to keep the win column growing in future coaching years to come. Before taking over at the West Boca Raton High School in 2005, he had already established himself as a winning high school baseball coach after leading teams to the Disney World School Celebration for three years and at Boynton Beach for an additional three years. His success as a coach is due to his experience and knowledge within the sport of baseball.

Brian Joros

Brian Joros

In addition to his success in the coaching profession of high school baseball, Brian Joros is also a successful business owner and operator. He co owned his own sportswear company called TSG Sportswear with Chris Pleicones specializing in baseball materials. His knowledge and experience coaching and playing sports has made him an expert in the gear great athletes wear on the field. In August of 2012, they sold TSG Sportswear to Global Industries for an undisclosed amount.

Brian Joros is a baseball expert and enthusiast. While in pursuit of his education, he played division baseball at Purdue University. Before obtaining a Master’s degree in education, he briefly played professional baseball with a team in the minor league. He received his Bachelor of Arts at Purdue University in 1998 and his Associates degree in business at Olney Central Junior College.